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  • Peacock Montessori Academy

    Has achieved 100% on our COVID-19 safety protocols, as per the inspection done by the Department of Social development
    We will be closing on Friday 13th December 2024 and will open again on Monday 10 January 2024.

  • Our school follows The Montessori Method for early education. Dr Maria Montessori realized that a young child had great potential for learning.
    To challenge a young mind she developed an alternative method of teaching that emphasized specially trained teachers and uniquely designed learning materials and apparatus – thus stimulating a child’s mind.
    She believed that children’s innate desire to learn should be cultivated in their formative years to develop an even stronger desire to learn that will stay with them through life.
    Montessori classroom environment is prepared and structured to allow a child to learn trough exploring independently and at his or her own pace.
    “We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.”
    Maria Montessori

    Our mission is to provide a stimulating Montessori environment for children to explore, absorb and excel into a self-confident individual.
    The Peacock Montessori team consists of dedicated staff made up of Managers, Montessori Directresses, Trainees, Gardeners and Cleaners – with all staff holding, or working towards, qualifications appropriate to their position.
    Our teachers are registered with SACE (South African Council for Educators)

  • Discover the joy of learning at Peacock Montessori Academy

    The Montessori Approach places emphasis on cognitive development. The child sets it's own learning pace, with the teacher playing an unobtrusive role in the classroom.

    Peacock Montessori Academy curriculum is clearly laid out with reference to the government’s attainment targets and key stages, enabling parents to clearly understand their child’s progress. Montessori education is particularly suited to achieving the cross-curriculum approach encouraged by the National Curriculum. The idea of cross-curriculum themes was originated by Dr Montessori and is achieved by regular project work encompassing and developing many different subjects at the same time.

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  • What some of our learners parents are saying

    • “The best nursery school in Walkerville! I am so sad for my daughter that we have to leave this perfect school behind. I love how professional the staff is. My daughter love going to school, great work Peacock Montessori team. I will recommend this school to anyone. I love the Montessori way thanks to you guys.”

      Shimaré Smith
    • “This is by far one of the best schools my son has been in. The level of professionalism from the staff is incredible. The day to day educational activities, games, songs and shows is exactly what a growing and learning child needs. The passion, love and care the staff show towards the children is outstandingly amazing. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who has a child from the age of 3 months to 6 years old. You cannot go wrong here!”

      Nikki Familia
    • “The most amazing school I have ever seen. Very nice safe layout and the most friendliest people i’ve ever met. My daughter is so happy there and I’m so proud of her as well.”

      Brian Tuck
    • “Best school around! My kids love it!”

      Monique Sinclair
    • “The most beautiful school I have seen and I’m sure my daughter will love it there.”

      Yolande Howroyd Tuck
  • Swimming Lessons

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    We offer swimming lessons to Peacock Montessori Academy Learners during the day as an extra mural throughout the year from (Jan-Dec) in a heated pool.