Extra Mural Activities

  • Extra Mural Activities

    Extra mural activities are social activities that encourage kids to frequently interact with their peers.
  • Swimming Lessons

    We offer swimming lessons to Peacock Montessori Academy Learners during the day as an extra mural throughout the year from (Jan-Dec) in a heated pool.



  • Wiggle and Jam Music and Movement

    Wiggle & Jam’s Pre-School Music and Movement Program caters for children from sitting babies up to the age of 6 years and is ideally suited for all pre-schools, day-care centres, crèches and Montessori Pre-School Environments.

    Our music and movement program is theme based, includes children’s songs, poems and stories from all over the world, introduces the children to a variety of genres of music, promotes factual learning about vast information (musical and non-musical) through incidental naming, and includes a variety of different instruments including drums, maracas, rhythm sticks, bells, xylophones, triangles, castanets and more.

    We all know that children learn through play and to make their learning effective and permanent, children need to use all their senses.  During our Music and Movement Classes the children use all their senses in a fun, interactive and musically stimulating way.

    “Infancy and Early Childhood are prime times to capitalize on children’s innate musical spontaneity, and to encourage their natural inclinations to sing, move and play with sound.  Young children engage in music as an exploratory activity, one that is interactive, social, creative and joyful.”

    Most children usually are quite at home with movement. They begin to learn about the world by acting on objects and people, and they “think with their bodies” well before they think with words. This is why body movement is not only fun for children but also a good opportunity for them to solve problems.

    Today you are YOU and that is TRUER than true. There is NO ONE alive Who is YOUER than YOU!

    -Dr Seuss-

  • Abacus Maths at Peacock Montessori Academy.

    We offer a unique approach to help learners excel in maths, in teaching your child an age-old skill.

    We make use of the ancient Japanese abacus and teach children from as early as 4 years old to unlock the true potential of their brains and teach them the language of maths. It is all about making your child count – both literally and figuratively!
    Benefits of Abacus Maths:
    • We create a solid foundation for learning the four pillars of Maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
    • More than this, working with the abacus leads to the development of the whole brain, with both right (creative) and left (logical) hemispheres benefiting.
    • Children particularly between 3 and 13 will learn the beautiful language of Maths.
    • The method we teach not only creates a strong foundation for numbers, but students also imbibe a culture of enhanced concentration, logical thinking, improved comprehension, listening skills, and sound reasoning, together with people skills, teamwork skills, and emotional intelligence.
    • All of this naturally leads to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • Problem-solving abilities are augmented.
    • Photographic memory develops as the brain learns to use the triggers and levers correctly.
    • Maths becomes fun and enjoyable.