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Discover the joy of learning at Peacock Montessori Academy.

Peacock Montessori Academy Staff

The Peacock Montessori team consists of dedicated staff made up of Managers, Montessori Directresses, Trainees, Gardeners and Cleaners – with all staff holding, or working towards, qualifications appropriate to their position. Our teachers are registered with SACE (South African Council for Educators)

Like the children in our care, we want our staff to achieve their full potential.

All our Teachers/Directresses hold the following qualifications:

* NQF ECD Level 5 Qualification

* Montessori National and International Qualification

* First Aid Level 1 Qualification

* Swimming Instructor Level 1 (3 to 8 years) Qualification.

All our Teachers/Directresses also realise that, while in our care, that the children look to us as role models, which is why every member of the team works hard to make each child feel valued and secure.

Meet our Directresses/Teachers


Directress/Teacher Zandilee                             Directress/Teacher Zuleika 

National Curriculum / Peacock Montessori Curriculum

Peacock Montessori Academy curriculum is clearly laid out with reference to the government’s attainment targets and key stages, enabling parents to clearly understand their child’s progress. Montessori education is particularly suited to achieving the cross-curriculum approach encouraged by the National Curriculum. The idea of cross-curriculum themes was originated by Dr Montessori and is achieved by regular project work encompassing and developing many different subjects at the same time.


A feature of Montessori education is that each child is continually observed and assessed by their teachers. Parents are requested to meet the teachers once per term at which point they will receive a summary of their child’s progress. There will also be a full written report on each child per year.

Competition and examination are not a part of the Montessori Method. However, older children approaching entrance examinations will be given tutorial guidance on request.